The Autism Turnaround Course was created just for you because you shouldn’t have to stress over ineffective one-size fits all autism-diets, supplements and protocols and chase what is already within you:

The key to infinite healing capacity and the creation of health.


This is the only Autism program of its kind.

It teaches you exactly how to spend your precious time so that you will see transformative changes, without even involving your child.

This grounded, transformational and revolutionary practice is the

#1 missing link in all autism diets,

protocols and therapies and the #1 reason why I was able to witness my son’s escape from tantrums, stimming, rituals and aggression.


By the end of this course,
you will have:

  • Fired all the expensive therapists, nutritionists and release the frustration you feel right now. When your child tantrums in stressful behaviors, you will finally know what to do.
  • Ended the conflicts, sleepless nights, constant fights over food and rituals.
  • Escaped that painful prison of stress, chaos, confusion and replaced it with clarity, confidence and certainty.
  • Released the hopelessness and helplessness that made you feel like nothing worked for your child and replaced it with confidence now that you understand the real reason every failure and how to succeed.
  • Gained true confidence in your infinite capability to understand, guide and turn your child around by choosing the right foods, nutrients and next steps.
  • Plugged into that blissful state of peace, wisdom, knowledge and strength that comes with a deep connection to your body, yourself, your soul, your child and nature.
  • Implemented the technique that gives you peace like never before, and teaches you to heal and change everything.
  • Learned the most valuable spiritual healing tool that has been used by indigenous people and in modern times to help sick people.
  • Developed a daily, simple meditation and prayer-practice that instantly puts you in a “receptive” state.
  • Crafted an effective, quick technique to eliminate pain, negative emotions, bad habits and bitterness instantly.
  • Nailed the Brain Primer TECHNIQUE – a simple daily exercise to bypass the brain’s subconscious addiction to self-sabotage and survival mechanisms (the hidden reason why you and your child are struggling, no matter what you do.) This technique readies the brain to learn new skills, mindsets and behaviors.
  • Fully understand the concept of Bio-Types and Bio Individualized Nutrition with expert support from all of the modules made for you by one of the UK’s most sought after clinicians, Dr. Shalleen Barendse.



Mastered the mindset that gives you strength to deal with and heal:

  • Diet and lifestyle changes without confusion.
  • Stress, grief, shame and overwhelm.
  • Resistance from your child, partner, family and friends.
  • Your own life, purpose and body.


The course is designed for busy moms, so we’ve made it very
simple an easy to fit into your life.
You will receive a weekly email, a monthly zoom coaching call, a private “Turnaround Tribe” Facebook Community and access to:


Better decision making and emotional control. Prepares the brain to hardwire your new belief systems. Enhances neuroplasticity. Assist the brain in hardwiring skills that are not yet automatic, due to underdeveloped cerebellum. The easy way to change. Press Play, sit down and switch from chaos & confusion to peace & clarity. Can be done before the family wakes up or before bedtime. Work on your child without involving him/her.

Lifestyle & Nutrition

No more missing links, overwhelm or chasing solutions. You collect the pieces of your child’s healing puzzle.
Become the expert.

Heal your family’s lifestyle and relationship with food. Delve deep into gut healing, methylation and bio individualised nutrition. We also have four masterclass modules with one of the UK’s most sought after clinicians Dr. Shalleen Barendse, teaching strategies for gut healing, methylation, pans/pandas and tantrums/triggers and regressions.

Tools to solve any problem

From chaos, struggles and overwhelm to clarity, peace and confidence. Life-changing framework, actionable, eye-opening audio lessons, checklists, guides and cheat sheets in every module. We have developed an in depth revolutionary five phase program which leads you step-by-step on a pathway to true healing. We don’t leave any stone unturned and have gone before you, in order to answer all of the questions that you have.

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I have this nagging guilt

that plagues me daily. You see, I waited 13 years after my son’s turnaround to share my tools with the world.

Every time I see a child with autism between 12 – 20, stimming, screaming, having tantrums and 100% dependent on supervision or institutionalization, I cry.

I know that this could have been my son. I also know that I might have been able to help the mother of that child, if I had started sooner.


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Teaching you how I turned my son’s autism around. No mother should lose hope, waste time, money and energy on un-effective one-size fits all diets and protocols or chase gurus to find the solution that is already within her.


Warwickshire, United Kingdom


This product as is the case with all other e-books, workshops and guides, was not created as a substitute for medical consultation, medications or treatment, and its use is entirely the responsibility of the user. Upgraded self revolution assumes no medical, professional or legal responsibility for complications arising directly or indirectly as a result of the use of advice, dietary supplements and exercise pro-grammes offered. Always consult your general practitioner before be-ginning any exercise or lifestyle program. Remember, your body and your health are your responsibility and your adventure.

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