Gut Healing Training

From sensitive, intolerant, weak, leaky or constipated to healthy digestion and a strong immune system. Without confusion and the exhausting battle with parasites, intruders, antibiotics, protocols, probiotics, candida and picky eating. 


The New Way of Healing the Gut

THE AUTISM TURNAROUND Nutrition course 2 modle 1
In this training, Dr Barendse & Ninka covers: 
👣Foods that you avoid to beat candida and limit carbs that might actually be exactly what you need to heal the gut

👣 The "peace-makers" plan for gut healing (don't kill, treat, beat or destroy the so called "enemies.")

👣 Why eating only is the first step to being well nourished. 

👣 How to treat the eco-system of the gut like an experienced, biodynamic farmer and how to live in symmetry and harmony with the natural environment in order to heal. 

👣 Why some fats and fibres are bad for some children and how to find the best ones for your child. 

👣 Good and bad food combinations and health hijackers in your kitchen that you should get rid of. 

👣 Food first. The intelligent, cheap and easiest way to help a child. Food groups, ideal feeding, calories, carbs, protein, pyramids and confusion. 
👣 The missing links and pitfalls in the old way of dealing with gut issues. 

👣 The end of black-or-white thinking. 

👣 How to turn autism around with a deeper healing of "the second liver" and "the second brain aka THE GUT. 

👣 The cellular nutrition supply chain and the profound symmetry of the system inside the body (receptors, mucus, layers and how to optimize them). 

👣 The importance of healing and understanding the "second liver" and "the second brain" (aka the gut.)

👣 The incredible species in the gut (the hollow space) and how the magical relationship with everything around us affects our health and resilience. 

👣 Overcoming picky eating the easy way. 
THE AUTISM TURNAROUND Nutrition course 2 modle 2


Testing, Special Diets & Inteventions

In this module, we cover:

👣 WHY WE NEED YEAST, BACTERIA AND why "killing " might be gut-suicide.

👣 Why we should think twice before using probiotics, parasite cures, natural antibiotics and other wildly popular remedies and what to do instead.

👣 The difference between food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances. And how you become the master of the approach to all of these.

👣 The complexity and the optimal plan for dealing with constipation (it's so much more than diet).

👣 The problem with probiotics (especially oxygenated and spore-forming ones.)

👣 The tricky part of antifungals and antibiotics (even the natural ones) and a new way of dealing with imbalances.

👣 Airborne toxins and other gut disrupters in our home and environment.

👣 Natural botanicals, which ones can help who and when?

👣 Health hijackers and their enemies: Mycotoxins, histamine and oxalates.

👣 Good tests and tests that you should never spend money on.

👣 Testing the immune system and tests to check overall well-being.

👣 Gene issues and gut problems.

👣 How to deal with interpretation problems after gut tests.

👣 How to start, monitor, stop and succeed with dietary interventions.

👣 TRS, faecal transplant and other popular trends and our true opinion.

👣 When to seek help from doctors and who.

What you get:

Replay versions of the training sessions.


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